No agreement in Europe on glyphosate reauthorization.

No agreement in Europe on the reauthorization of glyphosate. Huglo Lepage provides a good summary:

The 27 EU member states have failed to reach agreement on the Commission's proposal to extend the authorization of glyphosate for a further ten years. 

This failure to reach agreement could mean that the Commission will have to decide whether or not to re-authorize glyphosate in the European Union, which had already expressed its wish to see its authorization renewed for ten years. In 2015, glyphosate was classified as a "probable carcinogen" by the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization (WHO). This was confirmed in 2021 by the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research. 

In the absence of a qualified majority in favor of the proposal, a further vote will take place in November. France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium abstained. Austria and Luxembourg voted against, while a number of southern and eastern European countries support the reauthorization. 

Marc Fesneau, France's Minister of Agriculture, justified his decision to abstain: " We have said from the outset that the Commission's proposal as formulated, ten years without conditions, did not correspond to the trajectory decided by France several years ago, which is to restrict use where there are alternatives to ensure that there is less glyphosate ". 

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