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Why is a website update encrypted?

Encryption is a technique for protecting documents by making them unreadable without an appropriate decryption key. Encrypting sensitive files is essential to protect against cyberthreats and comply with legal and industry requirements. Encryption guarantees the confidentiality of information, as it can only be read by those who possess the decryption key.

Reports - Years: 2021; 2022; 2023

The minutes of Criigen's AGMs and BoDs are confidential documents, summarizing the discussions, decisions and actions of the meetings. They inform members and stakeholders about decisions, actions and projects, promoting the organization's transparency and accountability. These documents also serve as a reference for members and managers, and help to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of Criigen's actions and projects. Generally drafted by a secretary or designated member, they are approved by the participants before being circulated within the organization and, if necessary, made public.

Who are the members ratified each year?

To become an active or associate member of CRIIGEN, you must be recommended by two members of the Board of Directors and approved by the Board. Members ratified in recent years are listed in a file called "liste ADH ratifiées de 2021 à fév 2023.pdf".

What are the annual donations?

CRIIGEN is an association promoting independent expertise on genetic engineering, the environment and health. Annual donations are not public. They vary according to projects, financial support and donor mobilization. To support CRIIGEN and contribute to annual donations, visit their official website for information on fundraising campaigns and how to get involved.

Who are the media contacts on the journalists' list?

CRIIGEN maintains a regularly updated media contact list to facilitate communication with journalists. This list is accessible only to the association's administrators, and can be found in the file reserved for authorized persons: "Liste . Journalists - criigen.ods .pdf."

What are the curricula vitae of Board members?

  1. Arnaud Apoteker: GMO advisor to the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Mérite and author.
  2. Colette Coussement (Criigen General Secretary): Secretary in Metz.
  3. Etienne Dervieux (Criigen Treasurer): Retired business leader, data-journalist, specializing in the environment and member of Bretagne Vivante.
  4. Miguel Garcia Casas: Specialized educator at the Emmaüs community in Les Essarts and director of Eaux & Rivières de Bretagne.
  5. Alain Grimfeld: Pediatrician specializing in pneumology and allergology, Honorary Professor at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris 6 and Chairman of the Prevention and Precaution Committee (CPP).
  6. Dominique Merhles: Former CEO of Générale des Farines France, long-standing commitment to excellence in the wheat/flour/bread industry.
  7. Joël Spiroux de Vendômois (President of Criigen): General practitioner, President of CRIIGEN, expert in environmental health and 1st Vice-President of the URPS ML of Upper Normandy.

What is the e-mail chronology file?

Keep a chronological file of e-mails between members and the address is necessary to keep an organized record of communications, track the progress of discussions, projects and decisions, ensure member accountability, maintain continuity in the event of changes in membership or management, and archive communications for legal or historical reasons.

How can Criigen use YouTube for its communications?

Criigen uses YouTube to raise awareness and engage researchers, scientists and the general public about biotechnologies and GMOs. The YouTube channel publishes videos on research, projects and events, and produces educational content including animations, infographics and interviews. Criigen organizes webinars and online conferences, interviews researchers and experts, and produces reports and documentaries on subjects related to their field.

How can Criigen use Facebook for its communications?

Criigen uses Facebook to reach a wider audience by having an official page, publishing varied and informative content, and organizing live sessions to present conferences, webinars and discussions. Criigen takes advantage of Watch Parties to view videos and interact with the audience. Criigen promotes online and offline events and creates discussion groups to encourage exchange. The association makes some use of Facebook ads to target a specific audience. In this way, Criigen enhances its communication and engages web users on topics related to biotechnology and GMOs.

How can Criigen use LinkedIn for its communications?

Criigen uses LinkedIn to improve its communication and reach a professional audience interested in biotechnology and GMOs. It has created an official company page, encourages team members to maintain professional profiles and shares informative content. The association actively participates in discussion groups, organizes and promotes events and webinars, and builds relationships with partners, researchers and policymakers. Finally, LinkedIn enables Criigen to attract talent and experts to strengthen the organization's team and activities.

How can Criigen use Twitter for its communications?

Criigen is adapting its Twitter strategy to reach a wider audience and quickly disseminate clear, hard-hitting messages. Although less effective than LinkedIn for a professional audience, with clear, punchy 280-character messages, Criigen shares information and news using hashtags and interacting with industry influencers. By following and mentioning these influencers, Criigen expands its reach and builds relationships. Criigen uses specific hashtags and schedules its tweets for regular presence and performance-adjusted communication. It tweets live at events and plans its tweets to ensure a regular presence and adjust its communication according to performance.

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