Participation of Civil society in Scientific Research - January 2009

Friday 9 January 2009
Project PSx2 "Participatory Science and Scientific Participation" - January 2009 

CRIIGEN took part in an international research program financed by a European contract shared between 8 countries and 9 partners. The purpose was to better understand how society influenced or slowed down the development of GMOs in Europe, but also to suggest a stronger and more anticipated participation of society to scientific research, particularly in the field of biotechnologies and GMOs, in terms of control, transparency and objectives. CRIIGEN is delighted by the work achieved by Europe and the partners involved in this grand project, the details of which can be read in six languages below.



New Study on GM Salmon

Tuesday 9 December 2008


Regulation of Transgenic Salmon



Among the first animal GMOs in the world waiting the approval to be commercialized on a wide scale, we find salmons with growth hormone genetic doping. A Franco-Québécois team from CRIIGEN and CINBIOSE has published in an American review Environmental Science & Policy a whole file on risks and guidelines for the assessment of salmons and more generally of transgenic animals. 

The research group denounces the fact that a premature commercialization includes health risks when consumption (lack of serious testing), environmental risks (reaching the biodiversity), and economical risks (no easy traceability…).

This GMOs dissemination could not be without a crucial respect of environment, at the time of a deep biodiversity crisis. When some regulatory organizations (EFSA, FDA…) request insufficiently rigorous toxicity tests on GMOs (not more than one or three months of consumption by mammals before authorizations), this multidisciplinary research insists on the introduction of health, environmental and socio-economic criteria, which should be produced within a rigorous and independent scientific and social assessment of what is becoming a possible deep transformation of world agriculture and aquaculture.

For the moment, these criteria are far from being followed.This peer-reviewed article is the result of research directed by Pr. Louise Vandelac and financed by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. This research was supported also by CRIIGEN and by CINBIOSE.

Title : “Factors to consider before production and commercialization of aquatic genetically modified organisms: the case of transgenic salmon”, by Olivier Le Curieux-Belfond, Louise Vandelac, Joseph Caron and Gilles-Eric Séralini. Environ Sc. & Policy 2008, vol. 12, 2, 170-189