Report on NK 603 by CRIIGEN - Juin 2007

Thursday 28 June 2007
"Controversial effects on health reported after subchronic toxicity test: 90-day study feeding rats" By GE Séralini, D. Cellier & J. Spiroux de Vendômois

NK 603 is a GM maize of the first generation, the first category of GMOs (the most important in the world, almost three-quarters of them) which were introduced onto the market. It is genetically modified to tolerate a herbicide. The first generation of GMOs in commercial use on open fields since 1995 either tolerate a pesticide in the first category (71% of GMOs - like Monsanto's RR soya or NK 603 maize - for instance tolerate primarily the Roundup herbicide) or produce a pesticide in the second category (generally, with artificial Bt toxins as in MON 810 or MON 863 maize, around one kg per ha; these different insecticides are produced in 18 % of GMOs). The second generation of GMOs (11% of total) developed as from 1998 do both: they produce and tolerate a pesticide...

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