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A Mayor Bans GMOs: April 2003

Thursday 11 January 2007
There is an opening for mayors to control GMOs in their constituency. The case was referred to the Court of Limoges by the Prefect of the Indre Département, following a decree from the Mayor of Coings allowing the cultivation of GMOs only in sealed up environments. The Admistrative Court of Limoges has just pronounced a decision which shall become jurisprudence. The decision cancels the decree on the grounds that there was no project or decision planning the cultivation of GMOs. The court recognizes therefore implicitly the competence of the Mayor to take such measures if is demonstrated that such elements exist “that make it possible to determine the scope, the surface area, the location and the type of crops that could be threatened on the territory of the village or town, or that the genetically modified organisms are presently cultivated within this territory or that an authorization application is being made, the proof of an imminent risk of genetic pollution originating from that territory”. 

Therefore the Administrative Court indirectly acceded to the theory defended by the lawyer  of the village, Maître Corinne LEPAGE, according to whom the proximity of organically grown fields makes it possible for the Mayor to ban the cultivation of GMOs in an open field. 

French Academy of Medicine’s Opinion: Impact of GMOs on Health: April 2003

Thursday 11 January 2007

An Analysis of the Nature of the Documents Published by the French Medicine and Science Academies to Support their Opinion, especially on the Impact of GMOs on Health.

1 - Purpose

The following document is an analysis report, written in total independence from GMO manufacturers, of essential documents on which the French Medicine and Science Academies have based their official opinions on GMOs released in the environment. Given the competence of the members of these institutions in fields like biology and human health and the nature of their Press Releases on the matter, the purpose of the present document is not to discuss the potential or hoped for known economic impact, nor to enter into a controversy. We will essentially focus on the nature of the published documents that were used by the Academies to express an opinion on the effects or the absence of effects of GMOs on human health and the environment, and in particular on genetically modified plants for food. 


The So-Called Opinion Report on GMOs by the French Academy of Medicine Does Not Exist - Jan. 2003

Thursday 11 January 2007

The So-Called Opinion Report on GMOs by the French Academy of Medicine does not exist, say the Observatory for Ecological Vigilance and Alert (OVALE) and CRIIGEN, in a Press Release published last Friday. OVALE wanted to analysed the so-called report and tried to obtain it in vain from the Academy. Corinne Lepage, co-founder of OVALE with Michèle Rivasi, was told that no such report existed and that the only thing that existed was the communiqué that was published in December last year.

OVALE and CRIIGEN are astounded by such methods and consider that this is a fabrication unworthy of an institution as prestigious as the Academy of Medicine. Therefore, the communiqué is not only opened to criticism in terms of its content, but is also loses  any credibility. In this communiqué, the Academy of Medicine was only highlighting the expected economic advantages of GMOs, to the detriment of the impact on human health. We can therefore wonder what the real designs are for such an “opinion”, knowing that no health assessment study was conducted to confirm or invalidate such a conclusion, which gives the green light to “an introduction and a reasonable production of GMOs”, according to an Opinion Report which does not exist!

Revelations on the Toxicity of GMOs: March 2005

Thursday 11 January 2007

CRIIGEN Reveals Serious Anomalies Observed in Rats Fed on GMOs


The expertise dossiers have been deliberately kept secret, the decision procedures are deliberately difficult to understand… It was after an incredible obstacle course that the Committee for Independent Research and Information on Genetic Engineering (CRIIGEN)* finally succeeded in obtaining from the Governmental Commission in charge of the Human Health Risk Assessment of GMOs the new documents proving the risks of GMOs for human health. Studies highlighting serious malformations in animals fed on GMOs have deliberately been kept secret. This new affair demonstrates the risks of GMOs for human health and the fact that they are being totally ignored. CRIIGEN wants to expose such practices which not only are in violation of the provisions of European Law, but also highlight the carelessness with which such major issues for public health are overlooked. At CRIIGEN, we want to bring the elements we obtained to the scientific debate. We demand that the studies on the toxicity of GMOs conducted on animals should be published, as they are the necessary base for establishing scientific controversy and independent expertise.